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Ipswich Rentals

The rental market in Ipswich is constantly changing. To keep you up to date on the current Ipswich rental market we invite you to use our online Ipswich Rental Return Calculator. This will provide you with an instant estimate of the possible rental return you could be receiving as well as a full and comprehensive rental appraisal report customised for your property.

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Ipswich Rentals

Currently in Ipswich property managers are reporting a large amount of activity within their rental departments. Demand is strong for family homes with 3 to 4 bedrooms with a preference for large kitchens and yards where possible. These real estate agents in Ipswich have found that many families are relocating from Brisbane to capitalise on the change of scene and local opportunities.

This strong rental market has been experienced for a number of months and most real estate agents are predicting that it will follow on for quite a bit of time to come. For most investors this is comforting, knowing that the demand will encourage longer leases and a flow of potential tenants. Urban development in Ipswich and the greater Brisbane region has certainly had an impact on this market condition which is also encouraging for potential investors seeking an area to purchase in.

Real Estate Market in Ipswich

The Ipswich real estate market is seen as steady with an average house price of $330,000 and an average unit price of $$230,000 based on figures leading up to 2019. The median weekly rent for the Ipswich area is $310 for residential housing.

Map of Ipswich, Queensland.

Ipswich Rental Market

The Ipswich rental market is presently feeling consistent growth as the market is popular. In the Ipswich region real estate investors are happy with the returns being received, the same are those that are property owners in Brisbane.

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