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Real Estate Woolloomooloo

Are you a Woolloomooloo real estate owner? It may be worth finding out just how much rent you could receive for your property in the current rental market. The real estate market is constantly changing and keeping informed about both the rental market and the sales market is your best way of keeping abreast of Woolloomooloo property.

Not thinking of renting your property? That’s OK, most people that visit our website intend on living in their home for many years to come – but by knowing the rental value of your home, you can understand the property demands within your local market.

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Woolloomooloo Real Estate

For a number of years now, the desirability of Woolloomooloo has grown exponentially. Woolloomooloo real estate owners have been able to capitalise majorly on their property purchases due to rejuvenations, infrastructure investments and local industry growth.

To most, the popularity of Woolloomooloo is due to the unique culture within the suburb. There are also primary elements contributing to Woolloomooloo real estate value increases, including expansions of public transport, road foundations, small enterprise growth and its close location to the Sydney central business district.

Most real estate agents in Woolloomooloo are located along the main street near the cafe and restaurant strip. These real estate agents offer Woolloomooloo Property Management services also in the surrounding areas including Sydney. As the number of apartment buildings continue to grow, more investors will purchase property in the area that need to be managed. Some of the most recent property developments have encouraged an increase in investments for the North Sydney location.

Map of the Woolloomooloo area, near Sydney in Australia. Real estate agents in the 2011 postcode.

Woolloomooloo Auction Clearance Rates

The market is moving and according this weeks figures, properties in the 2011 postcode are being sold under the hammer at auction. Auction clearance rates around the states as of April 14, 2019 are:

Adelaide: 63.8%. 106 auctions reported, 67 were sold at auction.
Melbourne: 78.3%. 1012 auctions reported, 792 were sold at auction.
Tasmania: 35.7%. 14 auctions reported, 4 were sold at auction.
Canberra: 70.3%. 43 auctions reported, 30 were sold at auction.
Sydney: 85%. 885 auctions reported, 752 were sold at auction.
Brisbane: 50%. 136 auctions reported, 68 were sold at auction.
Perth: 41.9%. 36 auctions reported, 15 were sold at auction.

Real Estate in Woolloomooloo

The residential mix in Woolloomooloo is changing every year, with new apartment developments being built, renovations on existing character filled properties occurring weekly and new homes being built on highly sought after Woolloomooloo land as they become available.

Woolloomooloo Real Estate Agents

Most real estate agents in Woolloomooloo can be found along the main street of Woolloomooloo. Their offices are quite prominent and often grouped together. There are a number of Woolloomooloo real estate agents that are part of a franchise group, with a small few of the other agents owning independent offices.

Woolloomooloo Real Estate Market April 2019

In Woolloomooloo, the last thirty days has felt consistent sales using auction and private treaty. This shows the Woolloomooloo real estate market is clearly growing strong caused by a growing stream of homes advertising in the market.

Home owners are noticing that homes are being sold in under six weeks, subject to the home being promoted at a market agreeable value. Woolloomooloo property agents are suggesting online advertising is the growing source of buyers.

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