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There is around 508 real estate agencies in Brisbane that offer property management services. How do you find the best property manager for your property?

If you are thinking of renting out your property or you are looking to change property managers, chances are you have seen that there are literally hundreds of real estate agencies in Brisbane that offer property management services. So how does an investor or property owner find the best property manager for them? To begin with, you need to understand what you are expecting from your Brisbane property manager and what you are prepared to pay to have your property managed by a specialist in this industry.

Find out about what it takes to ensure you are recieving the best possible rent for your Brisbane investment property.

In Brisbane, most agencies have their property management departments on premise, with property managers available in the office most of the time during business hours. This means that property managers are available for contact during business hours - but what contact are you expecting from your chosen property manager?

What am I looking for in a Brisbane Property Manager?

The service offered by real estate agencies around Brisbane varies greatly depending on the office training, resources, leadership and location. To make things a little easier, we have put together a few questions that are worth asking before you sign an agreement with any service provider.

A few questions worth considering:

The leasing of your Brisbane investment is one of the most crucial parts of the whole management process, without the correct measures being taken, the tenancy could end up becoming a living nightmare. By researching the way the agency operates, you can get a better understanding of their leasing proceedures. A few questions to ask include:
  • What is the screening process for potential tenants and how much information do you acquire before forming a conclusion?
  • How many staff are involved in the screening process and the continuing management of my investment?
  • What marketing methods are used by the agency to advertise the property to as many tenants in the Brisbane area as possible?
  • Does the agency use professional photography to present my property to the market? If so, who covers that cost?
Over the duration of the lease agreement, the property will be managed primarily by your chosen property managers. You are unlikely to hear from them all that often - so establishing what you expect from them is a good start to ensure a strong professional relationship. Some factors to consider are as follows:
  • When do you expect to hear from your property manager and what form of communication do they offer (for example, inspection reports, rent statements and tax invoices be delivered by email as opposed to post?)
  • What is the agencies arrears process and how are defaulting tenants dealt with by the agency?
  • What is the experience level of the property management team, and in particular the property manager I will deal with.
  • What process is followed in the event of a maintenence request being made by the tenant?
  • Does the property manager research and compare pricing before a contractor is selected to perform the required maintenance or does the agency have affiliations with local property maintenance contractors?
  • Does the agency keep copies of industry licences and insurance policies held by contractors performing maintenance on your investment property?
  • How often will a property manager visit my property in Brisbane?
General customer service is often just expected, however it is important to understand what level of customer service you can expect from your chosen Brisbane property management department or real estate agency. Some questions worth posing are:
  • Does the agency have testimonials or references from current or past investor clients?
  • Does the agency have a policies and proceedures guide it follows to ensure the management of property is of the highest standard?
  • What frequency of contact can one expect from the agency, from both the rental and sales department?
  • Can investors access ledgers or financial statements online through a portal?
  • Are there other staff are abreast of property information in the event of a property manager being unavailable?
Finally, before you choose a Brisbane property management company, you should get a bit of information on how the agency will reduce risk during the management of your investment. For example, does the agency have a current professional indemnity policy and is the agency involved in any professional memberships (ie. REIQ). Also, will the agency help you source the best 'Landlords Insurance' policy for your investment?

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