How much rent could you charge?

How Much Rent

How much rent should I charge?

Anyone that is the owner of an investment property in Australia would at some point question how much rent they could be charging. Thousands of property investors all over Australia are literally undercharging and in turn walking away with less in their back pocket every week than they could be if they had of asked just how much rent they could charge, rather than simply taking what their property management company has offered. The reality is, this puts you behind and could result in a negative cashflow problem - simply by not performing enough research as a property investor.

Many seasoned investors will obtain a rental return estimate from a number of real estate agencies to get an idea of how much rent they should be charing. This gives the property investor the advantage of establishing an average expected rental return for the property. It also assists in preventing the investor from placing their investment into the hands of a property management department that are more concerned about reducing the 'days on rental market' as opposed to getting the best rental return for your financial investment.

If you haven't had your investment property appraised, it may be worth finding out how much rent you could charge using our free rental return estimate tool. We compare your investment property with others in the same geographical location to establish how much rent you could be charging. This can help you as a property investor irrespective of whether your property is currently under management or is yet to managed.