How much rent could you charge?

How Much Rent

How much rent should you charge?

Do you own an investment property and want to know how much rent you should be charging? If the answer is yes, we have the solution for you.

With access to live property data, from real estate data providers all over Australia, we are able to provide investors with free information on how much rent their investment property should be returning them. We use live data based on the location of your investment property to find out how much rent you could be receiving and provide you with a detailed guide on the current rental market along with the demographics of the immediate and surrounding area of your rental. It is common knowledge that without comparing information, you may be cutting yourself short and significantly undercharging every week.

If you are not charging enough rent, you may be depriving yourself as an investor of thousands of dollars a year. So why not find out how much rent you should be receiving instantly by using our FREE rental return tool.