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Property Management Prospecting

Are you looking for a system to boost your rent roll growth?

If you are a property manager, business development manager or agency principal – you are likely to be aware of the value of new managements and their importance in building a strong and sustainable real estate business. You would also be familiar with the lack of tools and resources available for the property management industry to help you achieve strong growth. is a product built specifically for the property management industry, to facilitate fast rent roll growth and populate your real estate agency prospect database. The complete system is designed to provide you with a steady flow of leads and prospects for you to nurture, develop rapport with and eventually convert into a paying client.

Why use a property management prospecting system?

The beauty of our property management prospecting system is we take care of what used to be heavily time-consuming tasks. As an example, we can eliminate the need for your rental department to make cold calls, door knock or hound local business owners. Instead the focus can shift to developing professional relationships with warm prospects to obtain a loyal and long term client for many years to come. is the ultimate tool for rent roll growth and is making some of Australia’s mediocre real estate agencies into true property management powerhouses – all with the same resources they have had all along.

So how do you achieve consistent rent roll growth? It’s all about systems. By delegating tasks you can focus more on dollar productive activities and also put more energy into maintaining high standards of service to your existing clients. This offers a win-win as not only do your existing clients receive better service than any other investor in the area, they are also much more likely to refer your services to other investors. By delegating your property management prospecting to, and embracing the opportunity it offers, you will be able to connect your agency with more investors than any of your competition.

You will also notice that the whole system is incredibly affordable, with exclusive advertising on included in your monthly subscription. The system is also designed to boost your online presence and profile with investors through targeted adverting on the website.

Rent Roll Growth Methods

Organic growth has historically been the most common form of property management prospecting. This is usually referred to as 'farming' where an area is targeted through various marketing methods, cold calling and door knocking to establish a profile or presence in the area.
  • Incredibly time and resource (staff) consuming
  • Difficult to track return on investment (ROI)
  • Slow method of growth
  • Places stress on staff who may also be expected to manage portfolios / existing managements
The acquisition style of rent roll growth is the adding of new managements through the purchase of an existing rent roll. This is usually the fastest method of growth, but doesn't come without it's downfalls.
  • Risk of committing to debt if cash purchase isn't an option
  • Seamless integration rarely occurs due to different systems, staff, expectations and experiences from the acquired business
  • Changing the payment system aqcuired tenants are on can be tedious and lengthy process
  • Buying relationships doesn't come without risk, it is likely a small number of managements will not be retained
The aggressive style of rent roll growth is often referred to as the 'hunting' method. This generally involves a business development manager being proactive in building new relationships with investors that ordinarily would not be in contact with the agency. This will involve the inclusion of a referral programme, a powerful and accurate database, planned advertising campaigns that compliments staff prospecting and a manager to oversee the strategy
  • A clear plan must be prepared
  • Heavily motivated and driven staff are required for a long period of time
  • Cashflow must be maintained
  • Large advertising budgets assist in complimenting the prospecting activities being undertaken by the staff
One of the newer methods of rent roll growth is referred to as assisted. This allows staff to focus solely on building relationships with investors as they are delivered to the agency as a warm prosepct. This eliminates cold calling, time wasting door knocking activy and common prospecting tasks that are generally only 10% productive. It also allows you to work with your existing resources and office infrastructure, ie. property managers can continue to focus on managing their portfolio and only deal with warm prospects.
  • Low cost (usually only a few hundred dollars a month)
  • Greater scope - if you want to increase the potential of the system, invest more into it
  • More of a 'Call-to-Action' approach
  • Can start growing your rent roll in under 7 days

Fore more information about exactly how can help your agency with rent roll growth, visit our agents page and reserve your postcode/s.