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Are you thinking of buying, selling or renting? You may need the services of real estate agents

If you have never never been involved in a property transaction before, the thought of consulting a real estate agent may be a little daunting. Let us tell you though, it really isn’t. The reality is though, most people would have been in contact with a real estate agent at one point or another – either when renting their first property, buying their home or even selling their home.


So what does a real estate agent do?

A real estate agent acts on behalf of a property owner during a property transaction – which is either renting / letting or selling. The agent is usually assigned to market, advertise and present the property to the market and encourage buyers or potential tenants to enquire on, and hopefully inspect the property and capture interest. It is also the role of the agent to take expressions of interest or offers to the property owner and negotiate a deal (usually negotiation only occurs on properties for sale, but sometimes tenants may request to negotiate the weekly rent if they feel it is above current market value).
Once the agent has successfully negotiated and both parties are satisfied, it is then the responsibility of the real estate agent to prepare the necessary contracts for the transaction, and have both parties sign to accept the terms of the sale or lease. If the transaction is a sale, the real estate agent will then confer with the conveyancing company (usually a law firm) and provide them with the contract of sale.

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