How much rent could you charge?

Rental Appraisals

Are you a property owner looking for accurate rental appraisals for your investment property? is your quick and simple solution to recieving a rental appraisal.

Why do I need a rental appraisal?

Market conditions all over Australia are changing on a continuous basis, caused by a number of contributing elements. Depending on the location, the resuming of school and university intakes can cause large market changes. New employment opportunities and infrastructure in a particular area can also have an effect on the performance of a particular suburb. By reviewing market conditions you can remain informed and knowledgable in the area of your investment, then apply this knowledge to increase the rental return of your investment property. Savvy investors often use rental appraisals to ensure their yields are on track with the rental market and they are maximising the possible return on their capital investment.

How accurate are rental appraisals?

This all depends on the amount of information provided by you as the investor when requesting your rental appraisal. The more information you can provide on the particulars and features of your investment property, the greater the detail that can be included in your report. Data to create the rental appraisals is current and based on market movement in the specific area of your investment property.

How do I receive my rental appraisal?

Once you have been displayed with your instant on-screen rental return estimate, your rental appraisal will start being generated. Depending on varying factors including location, your relationship to the property and the consistency of title information - you should receive your rental appraisal anywhere between 25 minutes and 12 hours after submission. Once complete, your will receive the rental appraisal in your email inbox with comprehensive statistics on the location of your investment property.

Will there be a difference between the rental appraisal and on-screen estimate?

There may be a difference in the price range provided by the on-screen estimate and that in your rental appraisal, this difference may be caused by the difference in data from when your request is submitted and when your report is completed in full. We find that the change is usually only slight as the data that populates your report may be slightly fresher than the data held on our website system.