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Property Management

Using a Mortgage Broker when Investing

Many seasoned property investors have a preferred lender or a relationship with their existing bank. The beauty of an existing professional relationship is the bank or lender already have an in depth knowledge of the investors financial position, borrowing capacity and equity or capital in any of the existing real estate owned by the investor.

Mortgage Brokers referred by Property Managers in Australia

Referring back to a preferred lender is usually easy and often majority of the arrangements can be made over the phone. This convenience usually means that investors are not shopping around for the best rates and could be cutting themselves short of potential savings in interest, fees and charges on the loans for investment properties.

In Australia, most real estate agencies have a ‘partner broker’ or an in-house finance arm to assist buyers that may be purchasing a property through the real estate agency. Often though, property managers within the agency forget to offer these financial services to their landlords, assuming that they are all happy with their current financial arrangements. A home loan ‘health check’ or finance assessment by these brokers may uncover better options and offers available in the market. If you own real estate and have it in the care of a property management company, it may be worth asking if they have a finance broker they can recommend for a free assessment. Most Finance Brokers that are used in-house have access to a large number of different lenders and varied offers based on the needs of the borrower.

To discover the best home loan option for your investment property, speak with a mortgage broker about your existing financial arrangements and request information on better offers currently available.